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Think better ... Feel better

The Wellness Division at New York Cognitive Therapy and Wellness Center is committed to providing individuals and groups with the psychological tools needed to promote wellness.  Clients looking to improve their health by quitting smoking, losing weight or making other positive changes in their life have an opportunity to use highly effective, cutting edge psychological interventions to help them achieve their goals.  While many people often times turn to external forms of assistance, such as  smoking cessation aids, diet aids or other forms of help that promise astonishing results, at NYCTWC we recognize that the way we think and feel in response to our health related challenges is the cornerstone of long term success.  Below are some of the challenges our therapists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy for.

Using proven strategies to help change your behavior to live a more full and healthy life.
Wellness and CBT

Smoking Cessation

Weight loss

Stress Reduction

Disease Management

Medication Compliance strategies

Nutritional Compliance strategies 

Pain Management

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